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Our Services


Our AI solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative and intelligent systems that enhance business operations.

Synthetic Data Solutions

We provide services for building synthetic data based on Generative AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies. Contact us for a proof of concept delivery for your data needs.

Data and Analytics

Our data and analytics services provide valuable insights to drive decision making and create competitive advantages.

Data for Compliance, Governance, and Security

Our Generative AI technology offers a promising avenue to fulfill your data needs, especially for security, compliance, and governance related objectives. Contact us for a proof of concept delivery for your data needs.


From mobile apps to web platforms, our development services encompass a wide range of technologies to bring your ideas to life.

Our Products

At AANDF CONSULTANTS LLP, we offer an array of ready-made apps tailored for specific industries. Our products are designed to be easily customizable to fit any custom requirement, ensuring a quick and efficient launch in both the Play Store and App Store. Discover our specialized solutions:

App for Doctors

Our app for Doctors provides a streamlined platform for patient management, appointment scheduling, and teleconsultations, adaptable to any medical practice’s needs.

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App for Restaurants

This app offers restaurants a comprehensive solution for order management, table reservations, and customer interaction, customizable for unique culinary experiences.

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App for NGOs

Our NGO app facilitates effective service engagement, equipment rental management, and volunteer coordination, ensuring a powerful impact for social initiatives.

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App for Auctions

Our Auction app supports both Reverse and Forward auctions, providing a versatile and dynamic platform for all types of bidding and sales activities.

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About Us

AANDF CONSULTANTS LLP is a forward-thinking technology company specializing in a broad spectrum of digital services. Our expertise extends beyond mobile and web app development to encompass cutting-edge AI solutions, comprehensive data and analytics services, including synthetic data and compliance strategies, and robust development for various platforms. Leveraging modern technologies and innovative solutions, we are committed to bringing your ideas to life and driving operational excellence in the digital era.

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